6 thoughts on “1806

    1. Please do not feel slow. There are comics I make that if I had not written them, I would not get them. And you are by no means alone in people not getting what I was going for. Last week there were people who did not get the moose and cow comic (1802).
      In this comic I skipped the part where the person wishes to be wealthy. So the genie tells the person the winning lottery numbers to make him wealthy. The customer behind the genie thinks the genie knows the numbers that are going to win, and fails to remember them, so he’s going to try and have the genie repeat them if he can catch up to the genie. So, I could see the joke being that the customer can’t remember the numbers and misses out on winning or the way a genie would grant a wealth wish is providing the winning lotto numbers. To me both are funny.
      And maybe neither of those things are funny. It wouldn’t be my first time having a joke fall flat.
      And thank you for asking. It lets me know I need to improve the comic to make the joke more clear. Looking back I should have had a panel at the start where the person wishes to be wealthy. Sorry for the long response.

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    1. You are right.
      For me part of the joke was the genie’s method for making the guy wealthy which was to give him the winning lotto numbers. I should have had a panel to start the comic of the guy wishing for wealth, but I skipped it. It was a mistake on my part.

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