9 thoughts on “1802

    1. Please don’t feel dumb, there are comics I make that if I had not written them, I would not get them. And you are by no means alone in people not getting what I was going for.
      The moose is upset that the cow only says moo and not moose. That for me is the joke.
      This is probably a bit of a cheat because if the moose can talk, why can’t the cow. And maybe this just isn’t funny. It wouldn’t be my first time having a joke fall flat.
      And thank you for asking. It lets me know I need to improve the comic to make the joke more clear. Sorry for the long response.

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      1. Ahhhhhhhh, the light shines.
        I remember back in gradeschool I had a class mate named Jonathan and we started calling him Jon and his mother ADAMANTLY would finish with “ATHAN”
        So it all makes sense now 😀

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  1. 💜 It’s a Male Moose Seducing a Cow EveryOne; weird, I Know, after a Long String of Female Exes who Turned Out to be Cows but I Live in Hope of The One, SHE!!! who is NOT!!! a Cow EveryBody but Caring, Kind Hearted and Compassionate

    nisi mortuus nec neque nolite vicit 🤭🤫🤐




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