25 thoughts on “1774

    1. So I received some results from the New Yorker. All bad. They replied to my first 4 submissions all at the same time. From the time I received their responses, it appeared the individual reviewing them was not spending much time reading them. To be fair the 10 comics per submission are only one panel each. But, the longest gap between emails was 13 minutes. Mostly it was 2 or 3 minutes between their responses.

      The New Yorker’s response was nothing more than a pat answer that encourages me to read New Yorker comics to get a better sense of what they want. Which is disappointing.

      But, I will be sending my 10th submission soon, and I plan to submit more. At least I have a bunch of comics I can now use on the site or if I ever publish a book as comics that haven’t been published before.

      This has certainly been a good exercise, and pushed me to create more than I knew I could. I’m very grateful for your suggestion to submit to the New Yorker. Thank you 🙂

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  1. I am very sorry and tremendously disappointed in the New Yorker response. I hope you will keep submitting. As you say, you can publish a book of cartoons one day if they never accept them. I just see them in the New Yorker. Maybe I am wrong. My husband and I get the New Yorker and always look at the cartoons and yours seem to me to be of the same caliber. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. I am glad, very glad you are not giving up. Keep the faith!

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