8 thoughts on “1732

    1. One way for me is to take a phrase and find a funny way to look at it (a chair kingdom being worried that the ottoman empire has turned the tables). This one I think was somewhat like that, a person being excited “I got into Oxford!”. Then who else “gets into” places? Criminals. So, it ends up in this comic. Some comics are from mashing 2 things together to see what comes out of it (my psychiatrist comics tend to be done this way). Sometimes comics hit me like a flash, and I don’t even know where they came from. Other times when I wake from dreaming I have a comic in my head. Listening to music has sparked ideas for me as well. There’s probably other ways I come up with comics, but these are what came to mind. I hope this somewhat answers the question. Hahaha 🙂 I imagine if he is disappointed with Oxford, he might try another college, a museum, or a bank. Thanks for your comments, I’m always glad to see them. And thanks for reading my comics, I really appreciate it.

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      1. Thank you for your excellent response! I mean, I do wonder, but you did not have to explain yourself to me, although I really appreciate it. I enjoyed hearing your creative process, and a lot of my writing of poetry, music, or short stories sprang from a dream. I think it is the vision turned into a product. Thanks again, I enjoy your work!

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      2. I don’t mind explaining what I do to create. It was good for me to write it down and look at it myself, so I’m glad you made your comment. It’s good to know dreams affect others creativity as well. Thanks 🙂

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