10 thoughts on “1718

  1. The IRS should be taken down, it’s a tyrannical branch of our government. We Americans left England long ago to escape a tyrant king, today we have the same thing all over again. unfair taxation, and a government that thinks nothing of putting it’s citizens in prison after taking everything they own.

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    1. I agree people are taxed far more than they should be. This may be oversimplifying it, but do you think a flat tax rate for everyone would be better than the current taxation system?

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  2. I’ve been through an IRS audit. It really is frightening. If there is a flat tax for everyone how would the 50% of American workers who pay no income tax and get thousand$ in tax credits if low income qualifies them , how would they owe and pay a flat tax ?

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    1. I’m sorry you had to go through an audit.
      I’m no tax expert, but I think what would happen is the majority of deductions or credits or exemptions would go away and you’d be taxed on your income at a specific rate regardless of the amount of income you have. Perhaps some deductions would still exist. I really don’t know. I haven’t researched what flat tax proposals that have been made in the past.


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