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  1. The way debates, campaigning and discussions take place for the so called ‘greater good’ continue to astound me “um, I don’t have a plan that will work, on all fronts, for everyone, but instead of saying so, and inviting in discourse, brainstorming, I’ll just instead point out how much I hate my opponent and why, in the end, they are to blame for all the woes…..”

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      1. I guess, for me, personally, I appreciate a rousing, passionate debate – what I can’t abide, for myself, are those who interrupt, personally attack or distract from the issue at hand/question asked, to speak about their plan, their solution, etc., all they do is blame someone else, say they are the problem…

        Me? When I see/hear that? either by elected officials or their loyal followers? I just think….

        “Okay, I hear ya, I’m trying to hear ya – but….what is your plan? Does it address this, this, that? Can we get back to the question I asked? I really want to HEAR how you propose for us to get from A- Z on this need, for many…..What? I’m stupid/ignorant/missing the point? Um…no, I got the point, loud and clear, you hate so and so and all they stand for/try to do – but now…can you tell me how your plan works/what it looks like in action? No? Well, as a voter? You just lost me – I’m moving on to someone who has a plan (or many!) possible solutions and you just wasted my time in that quest – Good luck with that and Goodbye” – – 😀

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