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  1. LOL! I remember the years I spent, in tipped positions, making below minimum wage, working 2 jobs (or more) and funny, but the biggest complainers, those who wanted a discount, or free meal (due to non-satisfaction, though they ate all of the meal but the last 3 bites….) were those who had let me know, from the get go/first interaction, how big, rich and wonderful they were – me? I preferred taking care of the working class folks – giving above and beyond…why? Cuz, over the long haul of my ….what…. is it now?? 36 years of working/customer service? Do you know where I am treated best, taken care of, love the folks I serve, and feel blessed by their contribution, financially, to my survival? The every day working folks who spend what they can, but never, ever, consider me/my tip/my invoice sent as overcharging – and if they need to budget for less? They tell me so and we figure it out – how to get from A – B, on the budget available now – sigh – sorry – but this? Oh My! Another example of ‘many a true word is spoken in jest!!! – Sorry for long comment, but your work does so inspire, motivate and cheer my day! THANK YOU!

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    1. Thanks for your kind words. Don’t worry about leaving long comments, I like reading what you write. And I’m sorry, for the late response, I’ve been really sick (still am a bit).

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      1. A. So sorry you’ve been ill! Man, haven’t you posted primo posts ‘working while ill’ – I’m impressed! I hope you are on the road to feeling better – I caught the ‘COVID reboot of Optimus Prime – wait…no, that’s Transformers…(I so love the beauty and work of the CGI people in the first movie!) LOL Omnicron back in May and I’ve spent weeks now slowly getting my strength and stamina back up to ‘fighting weight’ – So – Rest! Get Well Soon! Take care of YOU!!! You brighten the day of many and are much to valuable to be laid low, cuz ya ‘pushed to hard, before being up to fightin’ weight once more!”

        B. That’s the beauty of bloggy world/comments/replies – we leave comment/reach out/connect – but sheesh! THE WHOLE purpose of voicemail/fax, computers, internet, email, txt and all was to make us more productive and provide a way for each of us to ‘reply now, cuz I can’ and ‘they’ll get back to me when they can on non-urgent stuff, but provide quicker means of communication when one is in a ‘Help! Emergency situation” thingee, when need be, nstead of waiting 6 months for the letter to folks back home back it via the stage/wagon train – 😀

        So, thanks for saying it was okay that I leave long comments (THANK YOU for that GIFT of graciousness!) but seriously – I figure, you get to it when ya get to it OR, nothing I said required or inspired any reply from you at all – 😀

        This is my way, overall, in trying to bring back some reasonableness to the benefits and abuses of ‘insta-communication’ – cuz…welll – I’m an ole fart and I remember when……and seems like alot of folks chillax a bit more, when they know – “well, at least over here? I don’t have to ‘on duty’ 24/7 – it’s the gift that keeps on giving, anymore – 😀 LOL


      2. I’m sorry you got sick, but I am glad you’re getting better. I schedule my posts quite a few weeks out in case something like this (getting sick) happens. I often feel I need to be responding to comments and reading others posts asap. So, I really appreciate your comments to chillax. Thanks for your kind words. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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      3. Chillax! The fact you actually read/respond to comments, really, if I’m to be overall ‘viewing’ the matter? Means you stand out of the crowd, (as many, do here!) as much as folks who send a handwritten/mailed thank you note, do nowadays – –

        Me? I just sorta laugh at folks that beg, plead, encourage, folks to ‘like, comment, subscribe’ in their youtube, facebook, website/podcast feeds – but in their OWN creations, say, “Oh, I don’t read the comments – that’s just the road to insanity!” – etc…..

        So see? you’re soo ahead of the madding crowd on what is authentic and real, and well – that’s why I follow your blog – doncha ya know! I hope you grow and benefit from your creative works – I understand if you get so big that comments overwhelm – but ..well – until that day comes/or you have to stop replying individually, cuz ya haven’t yet found the person you trust to reply/acknowledge – CHILL!

        I personally believe (and in the minority opinion and against all online marketing/making it advice – I will add…) It’s better to have real followers and fans, than attract folks who can’t say, “Seriously! If you were a 911 dispatcher? I’d be concerned about your delay, but this? Quit worrying about it – it’ll be fine and those who think it’s not? What the hell do they know, anyways.????”


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      4. Thanks, that’s good advice. I didn’t know people hire others to respond to comments. Seems like an odd job. I do hope to make some money off this. I’ve been submitting comics to the New Yorker who pays for comics. But it is a lot of extra work because I can’t post them here until the New Yorker posts them or rejects them. Thanks again 🙂

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      5. Sigh – the pain and ‘middle of the road’ for many creators, just now, as self-publish tools grow, and yet, traditional publishing models still hold sway on many fronts – I am seeing more independent ‘regional/collaborative’ magazines (print & digital) springing up – so, dependent upon your goals – many roads to ‘Rome’ as it were! I’m very glad you are here! I don’t get the New Yorker! 😀

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      6. Thanks. I need to use some of my time to find the independent magazines and the like to send my comics to. As far as the New Yorker, once they have posted or rejected my comics I should be able to share them here. 🙂

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      7. I’m biased – I think, for every style/budget, there is now an online tool to help publish/sell/get ‘discovered’ etc. I’m not a fan of beating one’s head against a brick wall, nor am I fan of trying so many things, none of them really show gains, because one is too busy learning tools/using tools/following marketing advice, on line, to build a strong foundation of tools, then working it, working it, working it – over and over – thus, fair warning – you shouldn’t listen to me – at all, on any front – because…ahem…I’m in the minority of ‘advice’ given in my world of cyber tools/marketing of small biz efforts ON a shoestring budget –

        On the other hand – I fight with my new clients to ‘build in a certain way’ and then listen to how I’m the Anti-christ on resistance to ‘marketing advice’ and yet – over time? Crap built/streamlined to begin with? Over 5-6 years ago? Still functions and sells – so, please understand, I ADMIRE your persistance in submitting/waiting – I, myself, wouldn’t have the patience – to wait – to put my future/my client’s future in the hands of ‘big dawgs’ far removed from my daily reality – Ya already got the foundation – your daily blog that you maintain – EWS (even while sick!) and ya know how to streamline/work ahead when creativity strikes – my personal advice? Look to other ways you can affordably and with caution, expand that platform into other areas/circles/marketplaces – You have the basic skills/tools and your creative gifts, talents and honed artistry – now? Take what you can easily expand into, to start building your own empire, instead of waiting for someone to recognize you and build it for ya (with a heft finders/our share fee, attached, I cynically feel) – – ahh – I am not an artist – It saddens me how many artistic and creative souls never find the right partner to go do the ‘biz side of such things’ to free them up/protect them – Tesla, is one that often comes to mind – P.S. I AM not! NOT pitching you! Sigh – sometimes, I try to give encouragement, share my observations, and folks ask me for quote/consult – that is NOT what I’m doing – I got plenty on my plate just taking care of folks within 50 mile radius of me!! All I’m saying is – if New York Post publication/fame is what ya seek, go for it! If what you seek is earning your living from your artistry? To start with? Better to have platform you can work, maintain and better to have a few loyal, regular fans, than it is to wait for fame and fortune to hit all at once – ya can grow into ‘it’ this way – ya know – and, personally, growing into ‘it’ slow and steady? pays off better dividends, over long run, that it does in short term, for the artist – to my mind/perspective – 😀

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      8. I posted comics for years with very few people noticing. For 3 months last year I made an effort to get followers on WordPress. And it has certainly improved my visibility. I spent some time on Instagram, but I did not like that you couldn’t schedule posts. Since I got sick, I’ve left it alone. So, one thing for me to do is find other websites to posts my comics on where I can schedule them out. Also to look for publications that want comics. The New Yorker is one option. It can take up to 8 months for the New Yorker to respond, but after that initial 8 months I should be getting monthly feedback. The waiting is tough, but 8 months compared to the years I spent not getting noticed doesn’t feel so bad. If I do get comics posted by the New Yorker, having their stamp of approval should help in getting noticed by others in the industry. I live in constant fear of running out of good comics. So, I focus most of my energy on writing. I’d prefer to have that other side that takes care of the marketing/business, but in the end if it comes down to me having to do it, I will. Thanks again for all of your advice it is greatly appreciated. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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