3 thoughts on “1622

  1. LOL! I remember the years I spent, in tipped positions, making below minimum wage, working 2 jobs (or more) and funny, but the biggest complainers, those who wanted a discount, or free meal (due to non-satisfaction, though they ate all of the meal but the last 3 bites….) were those who had let me know, from the get go/first interaction, how big, rich and wonderful they were – me? I preferred taking care of the working class folks – giving above and beyond…why? Cuz, over the long haul of my ….what…. is it now?? 36 years of working/customer service? Do you know where I am treated best, taken care of, love the folks I serve, and feel blessed by their contribution, financially, to my survival? The every day working folks who spend what they can, but never, ever, consider me/my tip/my invoice sent as overcharging – and if they need to budget for less? They tell me so and we figure it out – how to get from A – B, on the budget available now – sigh – sorry – but this? Oh My! Another example of ‘many a true word is spoken in jest!!! – Sorry for long comment, but your work does so inspire, motivate and cheer my day! THANK YOU!


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