11 thoughts on “399

  1. Didn’t short out my keyboard by spitting liquid out my nose, cuz I read after taking a sip of coffee and thought I could SWALLOW, BEFORE I laughed…..but, well, keyboard survived another day of me drinking and you writing and me reading – — -LOL

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      1. LOL! I’ve done it before – twice! The good, healing, deep laugh so beneficial to my health? More valuable than replacing a keyboard -thus, even when it has happened before – no one ever got a reimbursement request from me! Mainly, I let folks ‘know’ when, a smiley or “lol” just doesn’t quite come close to communicating how instantly/much I laughed!

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  2. 💜 Perfect as Ever; because I Is Resurrectsus so Death doesn’t Bother Me 😉 I Is IMMORTAL!!! I Died in My Sleep then I Woke Up and THOUGHT!!! Do I Really Have To Carry On Doing This Dealing with Other People THING!!! The Answer was Yes



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