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    1. Thank you very much. 🙂 The New Yorker website said they will only take comics that have not been previously published including those on a blog. So, I’ll have to come up with original comics and not post them on this blog to submit. You can submit 10 comics a month for their consideration. I need to take some time to gather the questions I’d like to ask them to get more information about the submission process. Thanks again for your suggestion and support and I’ll keep you informed.

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      1. I was very disappointed to find out I can’t submit those comics. Getting feedback from others is a big help. Thanks again 🙂


      2. Just an update on some things I found out about submitting to the New Yorker.
        If they accept a comic you submit then they will purchase it. In 2017 they would pay $700 for a first-time comic and $1,450 for more established comics. I don’t know what the payment would be today. You can generally expect a response from the New Yorker but it can take up to many months (one article said 1-5 months). Apparently thousands of comics get submitted each week and in 2021 they would purchase at most 20 comics and run about a dozen a week.

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