6 thoughts on “1509

  1. LOL – I hear that all the time in tech support land… “okay – nothing you did – it’s all fine now – no worries” while I wrack up a list of ‘anxieties’ regarding – “last time I did this (update/backup/push to cloud) it went really ugly and either they don’t know what happened or refuse to tell me…but I’m supposed to NOT worry the next time I need to ‘do my work”?? Sigh – sigh – sigh – What a joke! Oh YEAH! You posted the joke! Kudos!!! LOL

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    1. at a place I worked I had a computer that basically would just die on me. They’d give me a rental, fix the bad one, and then give it back. But, it kept happening about every 8 months. Never got to hear what the cause was.

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